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Everything you need to know before you start

How do I pair my NANO with the Wenar app?

Our engineers will complete the initial pairing and configuration on the day of installation. But if you encounter any technical problems after installation, you may need to add NANO to your application again.

How do I get access to the service?

You can install and use the app at no charge. Only if you need to use a public charging station will you have to register a payment card.

How can I pay for public charging services?

You have two options: you can top up your prepaid account in the app or register one or more debit/credit cards. Before each transaction, you decide which payment method to use.

Can I get an idea of the cost of charging?

Yes. Each charging station shown on the map clearly shows all the costs associated with charging. There are no hidden costs.

How does Wenar treat my privacy?

We strictly comply with all RODO regulations.

What's more, the APP is hosted on secure, encrypted servers that guarantee safe transactions.

I have a problem with my account
  • Check that your login information is correct

  • If the problem persists, contact us directly

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