Company EV fleets

The most advanced EV charging solutions for reliable and scalable EV fleet operations.

WENAR Cloud, our hardware-independent EV charging platform, easily supports electric vehicle fleets. It provides EV charging solutions at work, at home and on the road.


EV charging for company fleets, private cars of employees and guests.


Charging private and/or company cars


Charging company electric vehicle fleets and employees' private vehicles en route

Ready-made solution for charging electric vehicle fleet

According to McKinsey, you can reduce fleet costs by 15% to 25% if you swap internal combustion engine vehicles for electric vehicles. Keep in mind the high efficiency of electric cars, the moderate price of electricity and the high utilization rate of fleet vehicles. These factors allow fleet operators to quickly recoup additional upfront costs and lower their total cost of ownership.

Charging at the company

Charging the company's fleet of electric vehicles helps reduce costs on vehicle usage. It's a solution that ensures all employees can manage their vehicles even when charging at home is not possible. Wenar offers the best charging stations on the market and a complete service, from the initial audit to the WENAR Cloud charging management software, which will give the fleet manager instant access to all reports, including costs.

  • Automatic recording of all charging data, with one-click access.

  • Access control for different user groups.

  • Calculation of individual costs and reimbursement rates for different user groups.

Charging at home

80% of all electric car charging takes place at home. It's no secret that the EV charging market is growing rapidly. As EV sales increase, the demand for charging at home will increase. 34% of companies plan to place charging points in employees' homes.

  • Automatic calculation of energy costs based on individual energy rates.

  • Automated company invoicing.

  • Automated credit notes for employees.

  • Transparent and legally compliant billing rules.

Wenar NANO

Our goal is to make the world of e-mobility better, simpler and more accessible. To achieve this, we have developed a smart charging solution suitable for every need. NANO is a home charging device that allows users to autonomously and safely charge their electric vehicle directly at home.

The NANO is easy to use, safe and smart: the station is able to detect the power consumption of other household appliances connected to the home switchboard, so the maximum available power will never be exceeded. It is also always connected to the network for remote assistance if needed.

Reliable EV charging solutions

This model provides all the functions necessary for fleets: charging at work, at home and on the road. 24/7 technical support guarantees maximum uptime for stations nationwide.

Predictability and transparency of the budget

Automated billing, payment processing and single invoicing for all EV charging sessions at work, at home and on the road. Easy and simple user interface, dashboards and data export features ensure transparency at all times.

Easy operation of EV fleet

Availability of functions needed to easily manage EV charging infrastructure and drivers (registrations, billing, pricing plans, user billing, station owner credit, tax regulations, etc.).

e-mob APP

With the e-mob APP, charging sessions can be activated, scheduled and monitored directly from a smartphone, and if necessary, charging can also take place at public stations, thanks to an extensive network of charging points.

Manage NANO and AERO

Manage Wenar NANO and Wenar AERO(available soon) wall-mounted chargers through the e-mob app. You will learn the smartest way to manage EV charging costs at home. You will have many options to customize your wallbox.

The charger has information on available power. The CT CLamp smart metering device (sold separately) monitors building consumption and charging power and dynamically adjusts charging so as not to exceed the consumption limit and protect the main circuit breaker (fuse). This protects the current installation from overloading, allowing the connection power not to be exceeded. As a result, your charger is not a burden to anyone.

Charging on the go

With the e-mob APP, you can check the map and charge your electric vehicle at all public stations directly connected to us, as well as at all roaming-connected charging stations (we are constantly adding new charging stations). Your employees will use one mobile app or RFID card to pay for all charging locations.

  • The best prices for your company and your employees.

  • All contract negotiations with have been finalized with external CPOs.

  • Relieve the customer of interface costs and ongoing development.


Completed projects

Installations we have made for residential and business customers.


Technical support

For the most demanding customers, we offer uninterrupted technical support.



Ultra-fast response times for those charging stations that can't fail.

Fast track to large-scale transport electrification

We provide services for the conversion of company car fleets to electric vehicles and the installation of our charging equipment in the parking lots of hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.


Management and remote support

Our services include modular packages with installation, maintenance and support, designed to convert company car fleets into electric vehicles and turn restaurant, hotel and supermarket parking lots into charging centers. Management is done through our WENAR Cloud digital platforms, which provide quick access to all information related to the charging process, making it easy for the fleet manager or small business owner. Our experts are available to evaluate the most suitable solutions for your business needs.

We also offer fixed-fee solutions for unlimited EV charging to optimize bills.

Simple and flexible pricing

AC charging point

Monthly payment

  • one AC charging point

  • Public access

  • Collecting statistics

  • Roaming

  • Setting up users

  • Payments and settlements

  • Free help

DC charging point

Monthly payment

  • one DC charging point

  • Public access

  • Collecting statistics

  • Roaming

  • Setting up users

  • Payments and settlements

  • Free help

For the corporate fleet

Monthly payment

  • five AC charging points

  • Private access

  • Collecting statistics

  • Home and business chargers

  • Mobile app for employees

  • Accounting of employees

  • Free help


The prices shown are monthly prices, excluding VAT and other taxes, invoiced annually and paid in advance. Valid for minimum 24-month contracts. Negotiable for larger quantities.


Everything you need to know before you start

Does Wenar also offer plans for a single private charging point?

YES. We also have a rate plan for a single private charging point, AC or DC. Contact us for a customized quote.

How do I access the service?

Contact us and we will send you a link to register. We will also send you a subscription agreement.

What is the protocol for communicating with the station?

The software communicates with the charging station using OCPP (necessary in the station for communication). This allows you to manage the device as a charging station operator (CPO), including remote control and diagnostics

Is a free trial period possible?

Yes. You will have 7 days to try and test the platform before being invoiced for the first cycle.

How does Wenar treat my privacy?

We strictly comply with all RODO regulations.

What's more, the platform sits on secure, encrypted servers that guarantee safe transactions.

I have an issue with my account
  • Check that your login information is correct

  • If the problem persists, contact us directly

Do you have more questions? Ask a question here


Charging as a service

  • Payments and settlements

  • Roaming

  • Dynamic Load Management