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With just one app, you can charge your car outside your home and manage your Wenar wallboxes.

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Public charging

Seamless charging of an electric car in Poland and Europe.

Payments and settlements

Increase revenue with flexible payments and billing.

Wenar wallboxes management

The app allows you to monitor charging time, the amount of energy used and the estimated cost.

EV charging has never been easier

With the free e-mob APP for iOS and Android, you can charge your EV at all public charging stations connected directly to our network or while roaming.

In addition, you can manage your Wenar NANO or AERO home wallbox. Manage smart charging, configuration and authorization directly from your smartphone.

Sign up

Registration in our network is free and takes only a moment. All you have to do is click on the "Register" button and fill in the required data. Then you can choose the most convenient payment method for you: register one or more debit/credit cards, top up any amount or use a voucher.

Network use

Once registration is complete, you don't have to wait for a dedicated charging card. You can start charging today using our mobile app.

Public charging

With the e-mob APP, you can check the map and charge your electric vehicle at all public stations directly connected to us, as well as at all roaming-connected charging stations (we are constantly adding new charging stations). With the mobile app you can also find a station, check prices and book a charging point for 15 minutes for free.

In addition, you can activate charging by scanning a QR code, or request authorization by clicking on the desired charging point. You can keep track of your car's charging process in the app - power consumed, duration and cost. You can end the process at any time by clicking the "End charging session" button. At the end, you will receive an invoice for the amount that actually relates to the power consumed during charging.

Manage NANO and AERO

  • Manage Wenar NANO and Wenar AERO(available soon) chargers through the e-mob app. You will learn the smartest way to manage EV charging costs at home. You will have many options to customize your wallbox.

  • The charger has information on available power. The CT CLamp smart metering device (sold separately) monitors building consumption and charging power and dynamically adjusts charging so as not to exceed the consumption limit and protect the main circuit breaker (fuse). This protects the current installation from overloading, allowing the connection power not to be exceeded. As a result, your charger is not a burden to anyone.

Smart charging

Simply choose when to start and stop charging. For example, you can use the night tariff, if available, when electricity is cheaper, which will save you money. You can set a minimum charge level for your vehicle to ensure your range in emergency situations.

Charge monitoring

The app allows you to monitor charging time, amount of energy used and estimated cost, as well as view details of previous charging sessions. You can manually enter up to two tariffs to track charging costs at home.

Adjusting the loading speed

You can adjust the rate at which it charges at any time, directly from the mobile app (from 6A to 32A). With Home Load Guard, you can configure the wallbox NANO to dynamically adjust to your home's electricity consumption.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates

Wenar regularly updates its application. This means that further improvements and new features are added to existing functionality.

Control all charging costs

With one mobile app, you can control all the charging costs of your electric car. By choosing the most secure servers and encryption standards, we can guarantee the highest security standards.


Expense reports

With the e-mob APP, you can choose how to pay for recharges by adding one or more debit or credit cards, or by adding prepaid credit to use.

Your cards will always be safe. You will also receive promotional coupons with credits to use for public charging. If you have also installed a wallbox at home, you will be able to calculate the cost of charging at home and have all costs under control.


Charging history at your fingertips

The app collects all the data for each charge made, both private (if made at a WENAR-connected charging station) and public (if authorized and paid for through the e-mob APP).

Our system allows you to generate various reports, daily, monthly or yearly, to control consumption and costs. You can have your entire recharge history in one place.

These functions are very useful for both individual customers and corporate fleet managers.


Everything you need to know before you start

How do I pair my NANO with the Wenar app?

Our engineers will complete the initial pairing and configuration on the day of installation. But if you encounter any technical problems after installation, you may need to add NANO to your application again.

How do I get access to the service?

You can install and use the app at no charge. Only if you need to use a public charging station will you have to register a payment card.

How can I pay for public charging services?

You have two options: you can top up your prepaid account in the app or register one or more debit/credit cards. Before each transaction, you decide which payment method to use.

Can I get an idea of the cost of charging?

Yes. Each charging station shown on the map clearly shows all the costs associated with charging. There are no hidden costs.

How does Wenar treat my privacy?

We strictly comply with all RODO regulations.

What's more, the APP is hosted on secure, encrypted servers that guarantee safe transactions.

I have a problem with my account
  • Check that your login information is correct

  • If the problem persists, contact us directly

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