Installation and Maintenance

To date, we have completed more than 100 projects. We know how to optimize the time required for the entire process.

We will take care of all the paperwork and comprehensive implementation of the investment. Your task will be only to provide information about your needs and expectations.


Inspection, technical audit and construction design of the project.


Electrical connection, site preparation and charger installation.


Charger registration, certification and periodic maintenance

Support for top brands

Wenar offers a wide range of services from installation to maintenance of public and private charging stations.

We offer certified technical support for brands: Etrel - Scame - Keba - Alpitronic - EkoEnergetyka.

We operate on the entire territory of the Republic of Poland

All our services are available throughout the Republic of Poland and other European countries. We are able to satisfy all customers, even the most demanding ones, in terms of service quality and response time.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees, bystanders and future users of the equipment. We do not recognize compromises in safety. We pay the utmost attention to the details and finish of our work. We will leave the construction site perfectly restored and clean.

Private customers

Our services related to electromobility are aimed at a wide range of people. The first group is individual customers who want to build a compact vehicle charging station at their home.

Business customers

We also serve business customers and government bodies that are interested in ESVE solutions, for example, in connection with changes in the company vehicles offered to employees, as well as the desire to establish vehicle charging points for their customers. Our comprehensive approach to the electromobility industry and extensive experience allow us to meet the individualized needs of each of our service recipients.

1. Acquisition of ND and maps
  • Acquisition of connection conditions

  • Apply for an extract from the land register

  • Acquisition of base maps

2. Concept preparation
  • Preparation of a preliminary concept

  • Guaranteed ability to quickly expand the network

  • Working out/accepting the final concept

3. Owners' and industry agreements
  • Agreeing the concept with landowners

  • Carry out branch arrangements with network managers

  • Obtaining the necessary administrative decisions

  • Preparation of traffic organization design (if required)

4. Project execution
  • Completion of obtained consents

  • Preparation of technical descriptions and diagrams

  • Final selection of security devices

  • Handing the project over for approval

Detailed Design

We conduct comprehensive work on the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. We begin our work by talking with the client to learn as much as possible about their needs and expectations. We then focus on checking the existing infrastructure so that the EVSE charger used is best suited to it.

After the installation work, our customer is not left alone - we provide extensive support during the operation of the solutions we have installed.



Comprehensive maintenance and operation service

We provide all routine and extraordinary maintenance services, in and out of warranty. Performing these services in a timely manner ensures that the charging station is as efficient as possible and does not disrupt or impede the planning of electric car drivers who need to charge their vehicles.

Particularly in the case of high-powered DC charging stations, charger downtime can cause serious damage and prolong the payback period, causing loss of image and revenue. For the most demanding customers, we offer services with very short response times. If the charging stations are connected to the WENAR Cloud system, we can receive early warnings of malfunctions through predictive maintenance, and if the problems are software-related, we can solve them remotely, zamin the problem is noticed by the customer.


Completed projects

Installations we have made for residential and business customers.


Technical support

For the most demanding customers, we offer uninterrupted technical support.



Ultra-fast response times for those charging stations that can't fail.

We are making electromobility a reality

Learn about the full range of services through which we support and deliver our clients' projects

Preliminary services
  • Technical audits

  • Verification of power supply

  • Preparation of the implementation schedule

  • Cost estimate

  • Determining the location of the station

  • Energy supply optimization

  • Building design

  • Comprehensive detailed design

  • Branch arrangements

  • Electrical measurements

  • As-built documentation

More info
  • Electricity connection

  • Agreeing the location of the power supply

  • Representation to the DSO

  • Installation of the control and measurement connector

  • Implementation of marking

  • Charger installation

  • Delivery

  • Fundament

  • Installation

  • Configuration and commissioning

  • Backend integration

More info
  • Investor Acceptance

  • Station registration on maps

  • Investor representation to the public administration

  • Assisting with station reception

  • Maintenance and service

  • Technical inspection with measurements

  • Service Reactions

  • Station maintenance

  • Verification of correct charging from EV

More info

The above are just some of the more polar services we provide. We treat all projects on an individual basis.


All you need to know about our services

Are all services available throughout Europe?

Yes. We guarantee the use of all services in Europe (Services in some countries may differ).

What happens if I don't move on after the initial audit?

The initial audit service with inspection by our staff is invoiced as a single service. When the decision is made to proceed with the investment, the amount paid will be deducted from the total amount of work.

Is there a guarantee for your services?

Yes. Our services are covered under warranty, and in the case of some charging station manufacturers, installation by certified personnel is necessary to keep the product warranty valid.

What components do you use for repairs?

We use only original and manufacturer-certified parts in our work and repairs.

Do you also install home chargers?

Yes. We have a nationwide network of electrical installers who install our devices on preferential terms. You can also purchase our devices directly from our certified installers.

Do you handle the preparation of documentation for state agencies?

Yes. We represent the investor in the preparation and submission of all the required documents and in the final acceptance of the station by the Public Service Commission.

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Charging as a service

  • Payments and settlements

  • Roaming

  • Dynamic Load Management